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Add Some Solar Powered Spot Lights to Your Garden and Outdoor Areas

If you’re like me, then you enjoy spending time outside at night, whether it’s entertaining friends on the deck or having drinks on the front porch watching the world go by. Outdoor lighting helps to make this a more pleasant experience. I found that by adding a few solar lights around the home, I could enjoy being outside my home at night. Solar spot lights are some of the easiest types of lights to get you started with your outdoor lighting.

There are a number of ways you can use solar powered spot lights around your gardens and outdoor areas. When placed in your gardens they can highlight your favorite plants and trees, or be used to light up your garden ornaments. You can use them to add light to your driveway or walkways, so they are safer to use at night. Place them in pot plants or gardens beside your entrance to light they way to your front door. They are also great around your deck, patio or porch for additional lighting for your outdoor dining and entertaining areas.

Solar powered lights are a great way to improve your outdoor lighting that is quick and simple. These lights don’t need electricity so there are no electrical wires to connect. This makes them easy to install by yourself. They are low maintenance because they are automatic, turning on and off as needed. They are also eco friendly because they use the free energy of the sunlight for their power.

You can start with this great Moonrays 93380 Premium Output Solar Spotlight, LED is 8X-Brighter to place in your garden. It uses a bright LED bulb that produces a large light beam. It is a simple, single fixture made of durable black plastic that you just push into the ground. It will last several hours on a single charge. Ideal if you just want to place a few lights here and there.

If you are looking to put a few solar spot lights in the one area then this Moonrays 92460 Solar Spotlight 3-Pack with Remote Panel/Switch, LED is 8X-Brighter is a good choice. With this set, the solar panel is a separate fixture you can place away from the lights. This can allow for better access to the sunlight. The three lights are then connected to the solar panel with a cord.

If you are looking for a solar spot light that you can mount on a wall then this Ultra Bright Wall Mount Solar Spot Light with 4 Super Bright LED will do the job. This has four high output LED bulbs that provide a long lasting bright light. It will automatically turn on and off, but it also has a manual on/off switch as well. It is made to be weather proof and water resistant. Ideal for any part of the house or shed because you don’t need electrical wiring.

Pine Top 502-0004 Small Solar Rock Night Light with White LED and Chrome ReflectorFor something a little unique, that will blend into the surroundings you can try this Pine Top 502-0004 Small Solar Rock Night Light with White LED and Chrome Reflector. This outdoor solar spot light is embedded into the ‘rock’ with the solar panel on the top. The realistic stone finish allows it to blend into your garden during the day, and it will provide light well into the night. No installation needed, just pick it up and and move it around until it’s in the right spot.

These are some of the best solar spot lights you can add to your gardens and outdoor areas to enhance your home. If you want some more information on solar lights before you decide what to buy, you can find out about the advantages of solar energy and how best to use solar powered garden lights around your home.

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