Advantages of Solar Energy

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Many of us use solar energy on a daily basis without even realizing it. We use it to dry our clothes, to dry food and to light up and warm our home. We can always do more. Using solar energy for homes is a great start on your journey towards an energy efficient household. There are great advantages of solar energy you should know about to help you make the right choices. Energy conservation or increased energy efficiency in your home is an investment that will continuously pay you back over time. You are far better off if you can save energy rather than buying it.

Solar energy is created by sunlight, radiant light-waves, that can be collected and transformed into power. Solar panels absorb energy from sunlight and transfer it to power that can be used in many different ways. Uses of solar energy include heating spaces, heating water, or as electricity for household appliances. The solar panels are made up of photovoltaic panels that are thin layers of silicon, which is a semi-conductive substance that is able to alter the sun’s energy into electricity.

Solar energy systems can be used in many areas of your home for some great advantages. Heating water and heating the home comprise a major part of energy costs in the average household. This is where solar energy can be used to great advantage. Solar water heating systems can be installed in any home to eliminate the need to use electricity for heating your water. A solar panel system can be installed on the roof of your home, so no new space is required. You can even make your own DIY solar panels to help reduce the cost. There are financial incentives and rebates offered by governments and utility suppliers, so check in your area to see what is available. If you cannot afford a complete solar energy system don’t worry, you can still benefit from the advantages of solar energy by using it for things like solar lights for your outdoor lighting.

Solar energy advantages include using a renewable, alternative solution to powering your home. Solar panels are non polluting, silent with no moving parts, low maintenance, durable and long lasting, and easy to install. After your initial investment has been recovered, the energy is completely free. If you can produce more energy than you need, your utility company may buy it back from you. Solar panels are usually positioned on the roof of your home, but this is not absolutely necessary. The advantages of solar energy are of particular use in remote areas where there is little or no access to electricity.

Solar energy systems may seem like too big an expense for you, but you can start with using passive solar energy to reduce your energy usage. Passive solar energy is using the sun’s energy to your best advantage to reduce the cost of your electricity and heating. If you can reduce your energy consumption it can help you save up enough money so that you can install a full solar energy system for your home. There are some small things you can do that will reduce your energy use:

  • letting more sunlight into your home during the day to help keep it warm inside and to eliminate any need to turn on lights during the day
  • hang your washing outside during the day instead of using the dryer
  • use solar lights for your outdoor lighting to reduce your power bill

All of these things will save your energy and reduce your power costs.

Building eco friendly homes is where you can find the best advantages of solar energy. You can install a solar thermal collector to amplify the heat of the sun and transfer it to water or air. This can be used for a hot water system, or to heat the air inside your home. The more you can utilize solar energy around your home, the more you will reduce your energy usage and save money.

Advantages of solar energy include saving money over time and reducing your energy usage. This will result in fewer harmful emissions entering the atmosphere due to a reduction in your reliance on electricity and other dirty forms of power. Reducing, or eliminating these harmful emissions is a step towards slowing global warming.