Oliver Adams

Solar Christmas Lights

If you enjoy decorating your home at Christmas, then solar Christmas lights can be a safe, cost-effective way to add your personal touch to the festive atmosphere of your home and outdoors.  Generally, Christmas lights can increase your electricity costs, so adding some solar lights to your collection can save you money.  LED solar Christmas …

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Solar Garden Lights

Solar garden lights have become a popular choice by householders for creating an ambiance of peace and tranquility with garden lighting.  This is due to the fact that they are energy efficient and economical to operate.  They are a great way to enhance your garden and reduce your energy bill at the same time.  Solar …

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Types of Solar Lights

Solar lights are available to suit most purposes.  Gardens, paths, pools, decks, outdoor dining, trees, security and outdoor activities can all benefit from the use of solar lighting. Landscaping can be enhanced with solar garden lights such as fence post lights, lamp lights, tube lights, string lights and decorative lights.  Fence post lights or bollards …

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Solar Lights Installation

Solar lights are a safe and cost effective way of enhancing the lighting in your outdoor areas.  They are easy to install, free to operate and extremely low maintenance. Solar lights work by collecting and storing the sun’s energy during the day by using a solar panel or photo voltaic array.  The energy is stored …

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Solar Lights

Transform your outdoor areas using solar lights as an economical and a great way of reducing your carbon footprint on the environment.  They are affordable and safe, with quick and easy installation involving no wires or plugs.  There is minimum maintenance involved and virtually no operating cost.  Best of all, the solar energy generated is free.