How to Hang Christmas Lights on Gutters Without Clips

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Aside from the food, presents, and mistletoe, outdoor Christmas lights are the best way to get you and the whole neighborhood into the festive spirit.

So, you have decided to go all in and have the most festive and decorative lights on the block. But you have some questions on how to get the job done right.

How do you hang Christmas lights on gutters without clips?

Find out now how to hang holiday lights on gutters in several different ways using PVC pipes, staples, gutter hooks, and adhesives.

Hang Christmas Lights on Gutters with PVC Pipes

This method may require some additional tools, but the PVC pipe method won’t require you to attach clips and staples to your roof.

It will also make your Christmas lights setup next year much easier.

After measuring your gutter, cut half-inch PVC pipes to match each section using a saw or PVC pipe cutter. You can label each piece by order or name to make it easier later.

Then, strap the Christmas lights to them. This is applicable whether you’re using string lights or separate bulbs.

Cable ties are your best friend when attaching the lights to the pipes. 6-inch zip ties work better than 4-inch.

A zip tie gun will also save your fingers from tightening and clipping each of them.

Poke holes to attach hooks in your gutter. Make sure the hooks are big enough to carry the pipes but not too big that they won’t secure your lights.

You can also make your own hooks if you’re feeling crafty. Since you’re using half-inch pipes, get a ¾-inch PVC pipe and remove a section of it, about ⅓.

Then, cut it into pieces to turn them into hooks that are ready for drilling.

This video shows how to use PVC pipes for Christmas lights.


If you already have a stapler at home, then you can use it to mount your Christmas lights. They’re affordable and easy to use on different materials except for brick or stone.

WETOLS offers a heavy-duty staple gun that lets you pull down the metal drive channel and remove the stuck nail even when they’re already attached.

WETOLS Staple Gun, Heavy Duty Staple Gun, 3 in 1 Manual Nail Gun with 2400 Staples(D, U and T-Type), for Upholstery, Material Repair, Carpentry, Decoration, Furniture, DIY - DY808

It’s made of carbon steel for durability and long shelf life. Use it for Christmas light decorations, furniture, upholstery, and all your DIY needs.

There are two types of staples, square and round.

Squares are the usual staples that look like brackets, while round ones are shaped like the letter U.

Opt for round staples for more steadiness and convenience when you’re pulling the strand.

Petgrow has 6-inch U-type staples in packs of 50 and 100 to suit your decor needs.

Don’t staple too harshly so it won’t squeeze and break your lights.

The only downside to stapling your lights is the holes you leave behind. Once Christmas is over and it’s time to put the lights off your house, you’ll see the damage.

Gutter Hooks

If you think clips are great but are too complicated, then hooks are the closest you can try.

Purchase an S-shaped hook, like these Meetory’s Plastic S Hooks, and hang them up in your gutter.

Meetory Christmas Light Clips, 100 Pieces Mini Gutter Hanging Hooks, Outdoor Light Clips for Gutter & Shingles, Weatherproof Plastic S Hanger Hooks for Xmas Decoration Outside Icicle String Lights

To do this, just press the top part of the S in the gutter, with the rest in front. Then, hang the lights by using the bottom curve as the hook that holds it.

String the wire of the lights into each hook.

These are inexpensive and easy to put up because they are temporary and made of bendable plastic.

They’re also great if you don’t want to drill holes in your gutter.

Their only downside is how they can slide along the roof because they aren’t fastened in place like clips.


Another alternative to clips is adhesives with hooks which you can stick on flat surfaces.

In the world of Christmas light clips, adhesives and gutter hooks are usually referred to as clips as well, although you don’t attach them by clipping.

To position adhesives, peel the protective paper off the back and hold the sticky side onto the surface.

Snap the base of one of your bulbs into the clip to hold it in place.

Take note that adhesive clips don’t work on textured surfaces like concrete or brick.

Command Store has outdoor Christmas light clips that come in packs of 12, 20, and 64. They are clear and made of plastic to be water-resistant and damage-free.


How Do I Put Christmas Lights on a Large Outdoor Tree?

You can just wrap the lights around the tree depending on how you want to design the outdoor tree. To secure, you can use tape or string.

We don’t recommend using metal wires to secure the string lights.

We have a step-by-step guide on wrapping Christmas lights around an outdoor tree.

How Do I Hang Christmas Lights Around Windows?

That depends on where you hang them. Do you outline your windows from the inside or outside?

Aside from the outlet, you also want to consider the right tools that can attach the lights to your windows. Plastic adhesive clips are always a great choice.

Check out our guide to hanging Christmas lights on the inside and the outside.

How Do I Hang Christmas Lights on Roof without Gutters?

Clips for shingles are the best solution to hanging holiday lights outside without a gutter. There are many types of clips, but the best one is an all-in-one plus clip.

Just attach the clip to the drip edge or the shingle. Avoid lifting the shingles so they won’t break the sealant bond to the shingle below.

Adhesives or a hot glue gun are also great options.

Learn more about how to hang your Christmas lights on the roof without gutters.

Make Your Holiday Season Shine!

Preparing for Christmas isn’t always enjoyable. Setting up lights is tiring, and wrapping gifts is exhausting.

Plastic clips are always a convenient option for hanging lights in your gutter. However, if you don’t have them, you can use the PCV pipes in your garage or some adhesives.

You can also use a staple gun with U staples if you don’t mind punching holes in your gutter.

Create the best Christmas light display by hanging your outdoor lights now.