Christmas lights on leafguard gutters

How to Hang Christmas Lights on Leafguard Gutters

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Leafguard gutters help to prevent the headache of cleaning out your gutters.

While they are helpful, leafguard gutters are hard to deal with when planning to hang Christmas lights on your roof.

So, how do you hang Christmas lights on leafguard gutters?

We discuss different tools you can use to hang your Christmas lights, like metal hooks, adhesive lights clips, and more.

We also have another approach you can try that involves attaching the lights to shingles.

Find out how to hang Christmas lights on leafguard gutters with our handy tips.

Use Metal Hooks to Hang Christmas Lights on Gutters with Leaf Guards

Metallic Christmas light hooks are specially made for leafguard gutters. They are also designed for perforated gutter guards. Their diameter is usually 7/64th of an inch.

Christmas Hook offers aluminum Christmas light hangers for leafguard gutters in packs of 50. They are compatible with all mesh leaf guards and are easy to use.

They are made with durable metal so can be reused every year during the holiday season.

Use a 7/64th-inch drill bit and place them in the holes of your gutter guard.

Then, use your fingers to push the hook to the Christmas light wire. This will help prevent the lights from slipping off during high winds.

This video further explains how to hang Christmas lights on leafguard gutters.

How to Attach Christmas Lights to Shingles

Another way to hang Christmas lights is to hook them to your shingles instead. If your leafguard gutters are installed under your shingles, then shingle clips will work.

Holiday Joy has 200 mighty clips for shingles and gutters that can hold wires for C5, C6, C7, C9, icicle, mini, and specialty lights.

You can also use these shingle tab light clips in packs of 100 and 200. They can hold standard C7 and C9 socket light bulbs and they secure your lights through the flip tab.

String your lights across your roofline by sliding the tab underneath the bottom shingle and stringing the wire through the hanger part.

Another type of clip you can attach to your shingle is the all-in-one type. All you have to do is slide the socket of your C7 or C9 bulb in the circular ring of your clip.

If you’re using icicle lights, fit the string into the smaller hook at the other side of the clip.

Brighton Store has all-in-one clips in packs of 50, 100, and 200 clips that are clear plastic.

You can also use Combo C clips on the surface of your shingles if you have extra energy to screw. Holiday Lighting Outlet Store has these clips that will allow you to attach lights to your roof.

However, this design may not be ideal if the lights won’t be viewed from a distance. It can also cause trouble in the case of heavy snowfall.

Use Adhesive Light Clips to Hang Christmas Lights on Leafguard Gutters

One of the best ways to hang your lights on your leafguard gutter without the ⅜-inch slit coming into play is by using adhesive light clips.

While Combo C clips are usually installed with a screw, you can also use adhesive tape to secure them.

However, light clips with adhesive backing are widely available, so all you have to do is affix them directly onto the front surface of your gutter guard.

These clips are usually moisture-resistant to hold your lights in place without worrying about runoff water flowing into your gutters.

Command Store has adhesive outdoor light clips available in packs of 12, 20, and 64. It promises damage-free decorating for all your festive lights.

With these clips you don’t have to leave marks, holes, or sticky residue on your gutter guards.

Still Stuck? – Ask a Professional

If you’re still having a hard time with knowing what tools to use when installing your Christmas lights on your leafguard gutters, ask one of the staff members at your local hardware store.

Describe what your leafguard gutter looks like, or take a photo to show them, so they can suggest the right clips for your needs.

Tips for Hanging Your Outdoor Christmas Lights

Now that you know how to hang your lights on leafguard gutters, here are some other handy tips to help you out.

Use Waterproof Lights

Always choose waterproof Christmas lights with a tag marked underwriters lab (UL).

Whether it’s C7, C9, or icicle lights, your holiday string lights should be safe for outdoor use.

Measure Your Home First

Measure the width and height of your home where you want to place your lights, especially the gutter guards.

Then, assess where the power outlets will be located and if you need exterior-grade cords.

Use a Ladder

A high-quality ladder, like Ohuhu Store’s aluminum telescoping ladder, is available in 8.5 ft and 12.5 ft.

Just press the thumb buttons and the ladder will expand. It’s made of aluminum alloy, making it durable yet lightweight and easy to carry.


How Do I Hang Christmas Lights Outside without Nails?

You can use gutter hooks or clips when hanging Christmas lights without the need for nails. You can also use adhesive hooks.

All of these clips are affordable and made of plastic, so they are durable and easy to use.

Find out how to use plastic clips for your exterior Christmas lights now.

How Do I Hang Christmas Lights on Roof without Gutters?

Plastic clips on shingles are the best option for hanging Christmas lights on the roof without gutters. Shingle tabs, all-in-one clips, and all-in-one plus clips are some suitable variants.

You can also use hot glue or nails when hanging light on shingles.

Learn how to use shingle tabs and clips for Christmas lights on the roof without gutters.

How Do I Hang Christmas Lights around Windows?

That depends on whether you hang it from inside, outside, or both. Also, consider where the outlet will be and what kind of clips you need.

The best clips for this situation are adhesives.

Check our guide to hanging Christmas lights on the inside and the outside of your window!

Fairy Lights on Winter Nights!

It turns out that installing Christmas lights on leafguard gutters is almost as easy as attaching them to shingles or gutters without guards.

Look for adhesive light clips, shingle tabs, or metal hooks. You can also ask for assistance from a professional!

Make sure to have the right tools, like a ladder and waterproof lights for easy installation of your outdoor Christmas lights.