Hang Christmas-Lights on Roof Without Gutter

How to Hang Christmas Lights on Roof Without Gutters

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Many people are getting their decorations up as Christmas approaches. The nights become glowing and luminous as neighborhoods light up their houses.

If you hang them correctly, Christmas lights can truly make your house look more festive and beautiful.

But how do you hang Christmas lights on the roof without a gutter?

We share with you the different tools you can use to hang lights on your shingles and surfaces of the roof, such as clips for shingles, all-in-one clips, parapet clips, and more!

Clips for Shingles

If you want to hang Christmas lights but don’t have a gutter, Christmas light clips specially made for shingles exist.

All you have to do here is screw the bulbs into their sockets with the clip in between. Then, wedge the legs in the space between your shingles and roof.

Some shingle tabs can even feature flip hinges along the middle. This special feature allows the vertical or horizontal orientation of the bulb.

That means you can bend the flip tab down to adjust the angle.

Brighton Town offers commercial Christmas lights shingle tabs in 50, 100, or 200 packs. These clear plastic clips can hold socket light bulbs securely.

They also allow you to use the flip tab for a firmer grip.

All-in-One Clips

All-in-one clips can be installed on roofs, whether you have gutters or not. To use these, simply slide the socket of your C7/C9 bulb in the circular ring of your clip.

For icicle lights or other string lights, just fit them into the small anterior hook at the other end of the clip.

Then, slide the tab under the shingle of your roof. The folding tab at the edge will help golf the clip steadily.

Because it is all-in-one, you can also use it on gutters. Just slide the clip over the lip of your gutter. In this way, the flat part of the clip is against the back part of the gutter.

This video shows how to use Christmas light shingle clips.

Brighton Store also has these in packs of 50, 100, and 200 clips that are clear and plastic. They can withstand elements as they secure your lights in place.

All-in-One Plus Clips for Bulbs and Icicle Lights

If you want to layer lights, such as C7/C9 lights over mini lights, an all-in-one plus clip is a better choice. You can use it for your gutter-less roof perfectly!

First, hang your C7/C9 strings inside the curved latches at the end of the clip. Then, slide them underneath your shingle.

Remember that the lights will stand vertically when the clips are used on shingles, just as it does with all-in-one clips.

The hook, on the other hand, will rest on top of the shingle. You can attach the icicle lights to these later on.

Holiday Lighting Outlet Store has all-in-one plus Christmas light clips! They can carry all types of lights, from C9 to C5 or C7.

They’re multi-purpose, versatile, and sturdy enough to hang your lights without breaking.

Parapet Clip

If you are planning to hang your lights on a flat surface of your roof, parapet clips are the way to go.

They are designed to serve as a channel to hold the original shingle tab we previously mentioned.

Parapet clips are made for permanent installation because it is recommended to use screws.

However, you can also try attaching them to your roof with a silicon adhesive if you don’t want to poke holes in your house.

Holiday Lighting Outlet Store has parapet clips available in packs of 1, 25, 500, and 2000. Use these with shingle tabs on flat surfaces.

Combo C Clip

Another clip you can use on flat surfaces of your roof is the combo C clip. Unlike parapet clips, you don’t need shingle tabs with these to install your lights.

This type of clip can be installed with screws, but you can also use a silicone adhesive.

After sticking the clips on the surface, slide the bulbs in the open ring. One is suitable for C9 bulbs, while the other is for C7 bulbs.

Holiday Lighting Outlet Store has Combo C clips which you can stick not only to your roof, but also to trees, stairs, and other flat surfaces of the house.

It has two screw holes to hold the clips steadily.

Mini Light Clips

Mini light adhesive clips are the least complicated clips for the surface of your roof. To use these, just stick the clips on the outlines of your roof then slide in your mini light sockets.

Remember that these clips are not for huge heavy bulbs!

Command Store offers outdoor light clips in packs of 12, 24, and 64. You don’t need to poke holes or leave sticky residues on your roof with these clips.

The adhesives are easy to use and are water-resistant.

FAQs Hanging Christmas Lights

How Do I Hang Christmas Lights Around Windows?

This depends on where you will outline the lights. Will you do it inside or outside the house?

Mini light adhesives are ideal when hanging lights around the windows. You may also consider clips, nails, tapes, or hot glue.

Check out our guide to hanging Christmas lights on the inside and the outside!

How Do I Hang Christmas Lights Outside Without Using Nails?

Gutter hooks or clips for shingles are a great way to hang holiday lights without poking holes in your house.

These are inexpensive and easy to use as they only need to be clipped or attached using adhesives.

Find out how to use plastic clips for your exterior Christmas lights now!

Can I Hang Christmas Lights on Roof without Clips?

Yes! You can use nails and screws to support the Christmas lights on your roof.

However, if you don’t want to poke holes, try using a hot glue gun on your bulbs.

Learn more about how to hang your Christmas lights without clips!

‘Tis the Season to Sparkle!

As other households are untangling their strand lights to decorate their homes, make sure you’re also prepared for decorating your house with Christmas lights!

There are plenty of options available if you want to hang your lights on the roof without a gutter. Try all-in-one clips, or all-in-one plus clips if you want icicle and bulb lights combined.

You may also use parapet clips or mini light clips that require adhesives!