Solar Deck Lights

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Your outdoor deck or patio can often be a part of your home where you spend a great deal of time. Whether relaxing with a book or entertaining family and friends, you will want an environment that is beautiful and comfortable, even at night. A great solution for lighting your outdoor space is using solar deck lights. Solar lights use the energy of the sun for power, and are easy to install. They are energy efficient and eco friendly. You will find a variety of styles and finishes for all your lighting needs.

Solar deck lights are easy to install because they don’t need electricity to operate. There are no electrical cables or switches to install, so there is no need to get in an electrician, saving you a significant amount of money. You will need to ensure they are placed in the best position to receive sunlight during the day, so that they will provide you with enough light throughout the night. Some types of solar deck lights will need to be fixed with screws or glue, like post lights. Others will require some drilling to install, like recessed lights. If you test their placement before you install these lights, you can make sure they are exposed to enough sunlight.

Solar deck lights that use LED bulbs come with some great benefits. They are energy efficient and very bright compared to other types of bulbs. They are durable, long lived and non-toxic, which makes them an excellent lighting alternative. You will not have to replace them very often, and they are safe to use. LED solar deck lights are a great eco friendly solution for your outdoor lighting needs.

Here are a few ways you can use outdoor solar deck lights to enhance your home:

  • Solar post lights are lights that are fitted over a post and secured with a couple of screws or some wood glue. They come in a variety of styles and can be found in different types of materials, so you can find lights that will fit in with your decor.
  • Recessed lights, or in-deck lights, are installed to sit flush with the surface of your deck or stairs. They require some extra work to install, as you will need to drill a hole in the deck for them to sit in. They are great for lighting up the edges of your deck and stairs for additional safety at night. These can also be embedded into handrails for extra safety and guidance.
  • Spot lights and flood lights are ideal to light up large areas like your outdoor dining area or cooking space. Additional lighting in these areas will enable you to entertain on your deck or patio well into the night.
  • Decorative solar powered deck lights can liven up your outdoor areas and create a wonderful space for you and your family. Use solar lanterns and hang them around your deck for an old world feel. Solar string lights come in varying shapes and colors and can be draped throughout your deck to create an ambient light or a party atmosphere.

Solar deck lights are a versatile solution for lighting the outdoor areas of eco friendly homes. You can be environmentally conscious, and conserve your money, all while enjoying the beautifully lit spaces around your home.