Solar Garden Lights

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Solar garden lights have become a popular choice by householders for creating an ambiance of peace and tranquility with garden lighting.  This is due to the fact that they are energy efficient and economical to operate.  They are a great way to enhance your garden and reduce your energy bill at the same time.  Solar lights collect and store energy from the sun during the day and use that energy at night to power the lights.  They have no wires making them easy to install, and there is a wide range of products available.

Ground stake lights are an easy way to get started with solar lights in your garden.  They can be placed along the edge of a garden to act as a border, or through gardens to highlight particular plants and flowers and provide ambient light. They are available in different materials like stainless steel, copper and plastic and come in a variety of colors.  They are easy to install by inserting the stakes into the ground where they will be exposed to maximum sunlight.  They can also be easily shifted if gardens are changed or there is the requirement to add more lights at a later stage.

Feature lighting can be used to draw attention to particular objects like trees, statues or garden ornaments.  Spotlights and uplights are great for this purpose.  Floodlights are more powerful and can be used to light up large areas like outdoor dining areas and children’s playgrounds.  Solar security lighting and motion sensor lights are an economical option to light up dark areas of your property.

Solar lights can be used to increase visibility on stairs, decks, driveways and pathways, which creates a safer environment.  Hanging lamps, fencepost lights and walkway lights are an interesting alternative to illuminate paths, entryways and borders.  All of these types of lights are available in solar varieties.

If you want to add some decorative features to your garden, the solar possibilities are endless.  Colored globes on stakes, fairy lights on strings and string lights in tubes can create a magical appearance to your garden.  Solar lights are also available in shapes like fairies, angels, turtles, frogs and gnomes.  They also come embedded in a variety of rocks of different shapes and sizes.  There are also solar garden fountains in varying forms as well.  Everything you need to create the perfect look for your garden by using solar garden lights is a cost effective and environmentally friendly way of adding special effects with minimal outlay.