Solar Lights

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You can transform your outdoor areas using solar lights as an economical and a great way of reducing your carbon footprint on the environment.  They are affordable and safe to use, with quick and easy installation involving no wires or electricity.  There is minimum maintenance involved and virtually no operating cost.  Best of all, the solar energy generated is free.

You can use the many different types of solar lights available to light up the different areas of your home at night.

Solar powered garden lights are a great addition to garden paths, walkways or driveways.  They are also an alternate way of lighting areas around the pool or children’s playground, or if you wish to highlight a special feature in a landscaped area.

Solar powered deck lights can be used to improve the lighting and safety of your outdoor dining and entertaining areas.  Solar lights can also be used for security purposes in the form of spotlight and sensor lights.

Solar powered Christmas lights are a good way to decorate your home during the festive season.  The many different types of lights available are varied and ever increasing as we become more aware of global warming.

Solar lighting is affordable, safe and easy to install and, best of all, they are a completely free source of energy.  They have no emissions, therefore they do not contribute to global warming.  Prices have reduced over the last few years making your initial outlay quite affordable.  Installation is easy as in most cases, you simply need to insert a stake into the ground.  They do not produce heat, making them safe to touch, which is perfect for your outdoor lighting.

There are very few disadvantages to using solar lights.  Lights may not last the whole night if there is restricted sunlight during the day.  The bulb or battery may fail at some point, and need to be replaced.  In some cases it may be easier to replace the whole fixture rather than replacing the bulb.

The advantages of solar energy are the most beneficial part of using solar powered lights for your outdoor areas. They will enable you to save money on your power bill while enjoying outdoor lighting that is good for the environment and will enhance your home.

Solar lights are reliable, renewable and carbon free, keeping the load off the power grid and your wallet.  The various types available make them the ideal solution for almost any situation where you would like to add some lighting or display paths and garden features.