Types of Solar Lights

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Solar lights are available to suit most purposes.  Gardens, paths, pools, decks, outdoor dining, trees, security and outdoor activities can all benefit from the use of solar lighting.

Landscaping can be enhanced with solar garden lights such as fence post lights, lamp lights, tube lights, string lights and decorative lights.  Fence post lights or bollards are great for lighting around property borders and driveways.  Lamp lights can add character as well as light to paths and entryways.  For the garden you can use stake lights or lanterns.  String lighting is a versatile way to get some lights into your landscaping.  You can use them strung through trees, along garden edges and border fences.  Solar lights are available in various colors as well.

Solar lights can be a colorful addition to ponds and pools.  These are usually small floating lights that are available in a variety of colors.  Some will project light upwards and others will project light down.  They can float freely or be secured together to light a particular area.

Decks and patios can benefit from spotlights or corner lights, to brighten your outdoor cooking and dining area.  You can also put lights on posts at the top or as side mounting lights.  For stairways you can use lights that are installed flush with the step or run along the edge of the stairs.

Enhance the natural beauty of trees and shrubs with solar garden lights.  Fairy lights can be threaded through the branches to provide ambient light.  This is a particularly effective way to highlight hedges as well.  Spotlights can be used at the base to shine up through the tree.

Security around your home can be increased with the use of spotlights to light up dark areas, or motion sensor lights that will only come on when there is movement in front of the light.  There are also solar lights that can be used in sheds and a variety of solar Christmas lights are available for indoor and outdoor purposes.

Portable solar lights are available that can be a great addition to your outdoor activities.  Camping is another way to utilize solar lights.  You can get torches, spotlights and lanterns that are light, compact and portable which are perfect for all your camping needs.  You can use them for lighting up the interior of tents and around your camping area.  They are also great for use in caravans, boats, trucks and cars as well.  Outdoor activities, like fishing and hiking, can benefit from the use of portable solar lights.  Remember to use the sunlight to charge any solar lights before leaving home.